Excited to share that we’ve released our first milestone in our development of Splitlands. We’ve just released our tech demo after 5 months of hard work. Few things I want to cover in this blog post – what we’re building? How are we going to do it? And why are we building it?

Splitlands is an MMORPG focused on creating an environment where communities form and coalesce to achieve outcomes together. It will be set in a single virtually boundless world where players can build, contest land and resources and socialize with one another. At the heart of the game will be the clan system whereby players can organize in mass, mark their territory and to capture land from rival groups.

The Tech Demo

The tech demo is the first stepping of the game’s development and consists of the main infrastructure that the game will be built on.

This includes:

  • Realtime procedural generation of the map – as the player walks to new areas that no one has ever been before, we will generate the map in real time then and there.
  • Multiplayer infrastructure
  • Player movement
  • Game launcher and auto updates
  • Player usernames – if you have a username you want, download and launch the game. It is first come, first served.

At no means the tech demo is the finished state, most of the perfecting will be done once the game is in the Alpha phase.

The Roadmap Ahead

Our roadmap to reach our Alpha release is as follows. This is subject to change from feedback and change of priorities.

Feature Estimated release
In-game chat April
Combat May
Building June
Inventory July
Clan System August

How are we going to get there?

Community building

At this moment, we’re building this in the dark and as we progress to building out the game mechanics as opposed to the infrastructure, it becomes more and more important for us to have an audience who can give us their feedback on the direction of the game. Doing so will hopefully mean less pivots, less wasted work and quicker development.

Content marketing

As much as I would like to just spend our time on product development. We have to begin to invest into creating content that we’ll push to our social media channels. We may also leverage NFTs drops and giveaways (which we’ll integrate into the game as cosmetics at a later date). Just call out since I mentioned NFTs, our current stance on “Play To Earn” is that it is anti fun and therefore it is very very very unlikely we’ll take Splitlands in that direction.

Live streaming

We’ll begin to livestream the development of Splitlands on Twitch. Building it out in the open will allow for higher community engagement and greater transparency on our progress. We’ll aim to do this on most days of the week.

Progressive iteration

There are quite a few unknowns given that there is no other MMORPG quite like Splitlands and because of that, there is the increased risk of building the wrong thing. We’ll prioritize speed in development and leave the polishing to later. Doing so will also open us up for more experimentation.

Closing thoughts

It hasn’t been easy in the past 5 months but I’m glad I’m starting to open up to the development of Splitlands and start the journey of building an awesome community. Please do consider joining our discord or creating an account, it could be the difference of whether the game is worth for us to invest in and build. You’re also welcome to reach out directly to me at [email protected].