Exciting news, I’ve given my resignation to my full-time software engineering gig. This means I will be transitioning to work on Splitlands full time in a month and I am excited to see how it unfolds.

My focus in the coming months will be building out the tech demo of Splitlands. This would include:

  • Basic procedural generation
  • Player movement
  • Multiplayer
  • Authentication

I intend to develop the bare minimum to get it in your hands so it allows usto iterate quickly and build out the game together with our community. I would expect the tech demo to come out in early Q1 2022.

Splitlands is a community-based MMORPG that aims to create and foster large communities in a virtual world where we can achieve outcomes together. This can enable highly dynamic gameplay where communities form, occupy land, build cities, establish trade and wage war on other communities.

If this has sparked any interest, be sure to join our discord. We’re just getting started!