Splitlands is a 3D massively multiplayer online game (MMO) for PC in its ideation stage that aims to foster an environment that empowers communities to form and coalesce in a virtual world to achieve outcomes together.

Splitlands will support a large number of concurrent players in a single world. It will feature a procedurally generated terrain with the ability for players to build cities and civilizations. This would enable interesting community-driven gameplay where communities form, occupy land, build cities, establish trade and wage war on other communities.

If this sounds exciting to you, join the community discord server -- it would be the place for you to get updates on its development, and an opportunity for you to share ideas and give feedback.

About the team

I’m Clinton and I spend my 9 to 5 employed as a software engineer. This is a side project I’m working on so it’s currently a one-man team. Depending on the level of interest, it may change in the future.

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